Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Style The Plus Sized Way

Go Ahead and Follow Trends

People love to tell you to stay clear of fads and stick with the classics. But that's absolute rubbish. The only thing you (or any individual, actually) should ever fret about is the fit. There are plenty of plus size clothing out there these days that you should never have to be restricted to what you choose to wear. Given the variety of offered sizes nowadays, there's no reason you cannot rock a Canadian tuxedo.

But Don't Be Afraid of a Uniform

If you find yourself struggling with daily style decisions, rid yourself of the tension and stress by keeping a wardrobe filled with clothing you know you like. If baby doll dresses are your thing, buy ones in every color. And wear them everyday. You're ensured to always feel excellent and invest far less time stressing in the early morning.

Show Off a Little Skin

Separating the visuals is an age-old styling technique. A couple of methods to insert a little dayight: Flaunt your waist in a matching set; highlight your collarbone in an off-the-shoulder top; flash some ankle in a rolled-up pant leg. Any will do marvels for producing length.

Welcome the V-Neck

Another lengthening technique we frequently tell our much shorter ladies: Use your d├ęcolletage to your advantage. Avoid crewnecks that can stunt the neck area. Instead, choose a V-neck blouse or wrap gown to draw the eye upward.

Use All the Prints

Remember that thing we said about trends? Yeah, individuals also like to remind you to avoid patterned material. We couldn't disagree more. A tight cluster of vibrant trendy plus size shapes is surprisingly lovely - as opposed to, say, a swath of a bright strong colour (which sometimes can add width).

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